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iPads and vaginas

Once we realized that the boys were quickly becoming obsessed and addicted to their iPads, kind of like how I imagine a crack addiction would be, Peter and I decided to limit iPad use to only the weekends.  It’s helped a lot and has made our weekdays much more peaceful.  We use it as bribery throughout the week, which makes bedtime a lot easier.  These boys lose and re-earn them a lot.

Ethan and Graham have formed an interesting relationship with Siri.  A few weeks ago, I overheard Ethan asking Siri to marry her.  She replied by telling him it was not in her user agreement.  This weekend Graham was asking Siri to show him pictures of inside an eyeball.  I then heard Siri say, “OK, I will search the web for pictures of a vagina.” I jumped off the couch so fast and grabbed that iPad out of his hand.  Upon further investigation, Graham’s iPad had about 15 safari pages opened with the most random searches ever.  The most disturbing one was of Batman kissing Robin.  The google search on that was “Find a picture of Batman’s partner.”  Siri obviously does not speak the 4 year old language.

Looks like we are in the market for new iPad regulations.  OMG.

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Big Boys Doing BIG Things!

Note – I have pictures to add to this post, I just can’t find the thing that connects my camera to the computer.  You know one of the boys probably put it in their ‘office’.

Cole has decided to potty train himself.  He refuses to wear diapers.  He refuses to wear pull-ups.  Underwear it is.  His favorites are the Superman ones.  Of course.  He’s pretty good so far – a few accidents here and there. Mostly poop.  Which is really fun to clean up. Nighttime is tough, since he doesn’t want to wear a diaper – but Ruthlyn (our fearless nanny) has discovered that he will wear a nighttime diaper if we put underwear over it.  At 2 years 4 months, this isn’t bad!

Ethan does his homework like a champ.  As soon as he gets home from school, he gets his snack and sits down to do his homework.  He is reading basic chapter books, answering comprehension questions, writing sentences with his spelling words, and a doing a math sheet.  This doesn’t mean he loves it.  Yesterday, he lost it and started screaming “I hate this stupid, frigging homework.”  Nice.  I wonder where he learned that language.

As we were walking home from school today, he told me that he can’t wait to go to college because he can come home to visit me whenever he wants.  Last week he told me that he would never go to college because he can’t live without me.  The kid is growing up.  I’ll never forget after his first day of first grade – I asked him how his day was and he said, “It wasn’t good.  It was AWESOME!”  This has been a great year for him!


Graham did 107 sit-ups the other day.  I am serious.  I counted each and every one, while his feet were anchored under the couch and he raised and lowered his upper body 107 times.  This kid is obsessed with fitness.  He does pull-ups hanging off of his bunk bed.  He does incline pushups from the TV console table to the sofa.  He does handstands every chance he gets.  He asks me to feel his biceps at least 35 times a day.  After every bite of food, he feels his biceps and notices how much it’s grown since his last bite.  He is a madman.  42 pounds of all muscle madman.

Graham’s artwork:




The boys are obsessed with Superman.  Everything is Superman these days. It’s all that’s on the tv. The boys play with legos, magna tiles and blocks – and it’s Superman’s house they build.  They get dressed, only to look like Clark Kent. They run with their arms outstretched to get from room to room – usually with a cape flying off their back.  Cole got a very handsome haircut the other day and when I told him he looked like Daddy, he said, “No – Clark Kent”.  It’s too cute.  Every outfit consists of a Superman shirt.  Cole’s calls him “Ma-Man”.  Graham wears a button down and tie to school, hair gelled to the side and cologne on, in hopes that he looks like Clark Kent. I told him he needs a pair of glasses.  (It is possible he’s wearing the getup just to impress the girls.)  Even Ethan is in on the Superman fun – drawing pictures of the caped superhero and taping them all over his room.

The soundtrack has been playing on repeat on all of their iPads – Peter and I might be going insane.


Superman, holding Superman, watching Superman.


Sometimes the costumes are a little make-shift. Depends on the laundry situation.


Batman and Spiderman are sneaking their way into the mix lately.


Life in the Von Der Ahe House is Moving FAST!!!!!