The boys are obsessed with Superman.  Everything is Superman these days. It’s all that’s on the tv. The boys play with legos, magna tiles and blocks – and it’s Superman’s house they build.  They get dressed, only to look like Clark Kent. They run with their arms outstretched to get from room to room – usually with a cape flying off their back.  Cole got a very handsome haircut the other day and when I told him he looked like Daddy, he said, “No – Clark Kent”.  It’s too cute.  Every outfit consists of a Superman shirt.  Cole’s calls him “Ma-Man”.  Graham wears a button down and tie to school, hair gelled to the side and cologne on, in hopes that he looks like Clark Kent. I told him he needs a pair of glasses.  (It is possible he’s wearing the getup just to impress the girls.)  Even Ethan is in on the Superman fun – drawing pictures of the caped superhero and taping them all over his room.

The soundtrack has been playing on repeat on all of their iPads – Peter and I might be going insane.


Superman, holding Superman, watching Superman.


Sometimes the costumes are a little make-shift. Depends on the laundry situation.


Batman and Spiderman are sneaking their way into the mix lately.

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