iPads and vaginas

Once we realized that the boys were quickly becoming obsessed and addicted to their iPads, kind of like how I imagine a crack addiction would be, Peter and I decided to limit iPad use to only the weekends.  It’s helped a lot and has made our weekdays much more peaceful.  We use it as bribery throughout the week, which makes bedtime a lot easier.  These boys lose and re-earn them a lot.

Ethan and Graham have formed an interesting relationship with Siri.  A few weeks ago, I overheard Ethan asking Siri to marry her.  She replied by telling him it was not in her user agreement.  This weekend Graham was asking Siri to show him pictures of inside an eyeball.  I then heard Siri say, “OK, I will search the web for pictures of a vagina.” I jumped off the couch so fast and grabbed that iPad out of his hand.  Upon further investigation, Graham’s iPad had about 15 safari pages opened with the most random searches ever.  The most disturbing one was of Batman kissing Robin.  The google search on that was “Find a picture of Batman’s partner.”  Siri obviously does not speak the 4 year old language.

Looks like we are in the market for new iPad regulations.  OMG.

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