Graham Turns 5! And so does Ruthlyn!


April 15.  Tax Day. Also known as Graham’s Birthday.  He’d been talking about this day for months. It finally came!  Graham seriously talked about the details of the big day for weeks. He would ask me, “Mom, when I walk downstairs on the morning of my birthday, will there be balloons and confetti all over the place?” (The answer is, “Not a chance”. Balloons and my boys are a dangerous combination – We’ve learned and re-learned our lesson many times – No balloons in the house!)  “Mom, I want a fancy birthday party at night, where there are candles lit and all the adults are drinking wine, and we have a dance party.”

He also asks to go to the restaurant that’s on the TV in the back of the cab – Del Friscos.  He wants to take a limousine there, btw.

The party was close to everything he imagined:


Lachlan, Zoe, Quinn, Luke, Mikey, Trey, Christopher and his little brother.

The adults were upstairs drinking wine.  I don’t think there were any candles lit.  And there was not a dance party, but there was a screening of Spiderman the Movie.  Oh, and Spiderman himself.  It was awesome!


Birthday celebration at Acorn. Cole was so excited to be there too!  p.s. The worst cupcakes EVER.

DSC_0050 DSC_0045 DSC_0041 DSC_0061 DSC_0068

Ruthlyn started working for us April 16, 2008.  Graham was due May 15, so we thought she might as well start working for us a month early — let Ethan get acquainted with her before his new sibling arrives.  Little did we know I’d go into labor a month early!  She walked into work that Wednesday and Peter opened the door and said, “The baby came early.”  I don’t think she has sat down since!  I can’t believe it’s been 5 years.  I don’t think I would still be standing if it weren’t for Ruthlyn.  She is simply amazing and the boys are so lucky to have her!

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