Stonehill Farms. Easter 2013


We made our annual pilgrimage to Stonehill Farms this Easter. Mema (and Baba) go through so much trouble to make it a comfortable time for us – and it’s always perfect! Everyone was there, except for Rachel and Zac.  It seems to get easier every year. Thank God.  The flight is short. Usually.  Not last year, when we circled over LGA for an hour and a half because of weather, aborted landing twice, had 2 puking kids, and a mom covered in puke. No major excitement on our flights this year.

We love going to the farm! The boys love being able to run around without the fear of being hit by a taxi!  This year though, a couple of deer about took Cole out while we were heading down the hill to the pond!  Cole turned around and ran up to me and Peter so fast!  It’s awesome being able to spend time with Uncle Josh and Uncle Jake and Giancarlo.  Uncle Josh tells the boys funny stories that usually have something to do with pooping, so they just love it!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage 54

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